De motivatie om nog harder te werken voor onze cliënten

We want to contribute to your success:

Make sure we are there in the early stages

Involve us early on in your business to avoid unnecessary expense and misery.

You are a good entrepreneur

A good entrepreneur also has his legal affairs arranged properly. We help you with this.

The law is constantly changing

New justice, new legislation. We know what is important for you.

The law as a toolbox

We know exactly what is in the toolbox and take out the right tool at the right moment for you. Whether it involves a contract or a dispute.

What drives us

We put our heart and soul into the law. Company solicitors and company lawyers in one. The law is our business. Every day new questions and issues, new clients and counterparties, new advice and resolutions. Fun and exciting! The law is constantly developing. That is why legal matters are more complicated than the average entrepreneur thinks.

The smallest decisions and actions can have the greatest consequences. We have an antenna for legal risks and let the law work in your favour. If your business comes into contact with our business, then we are happy to help you. Because your rights are our drive!


The law keeps our society running smoothly. It regulates how we do business, what the company has to comply with, where the boundaries lie. The law is intertwined with everyday practice. You have to deal with it constantly, whether you like it or not. So it’s best to accept that and use the law to your advantage. A good entrepreneur also has his legal affairs properly arranged. That makes doing business much more enjoyable. It is a choice, it doesn’t happen automatically. If it is what you want, then let us know if you come up against legal matters. It is more often the case than you think!

The law is never done

Dutch law is dynamic, just like Dutch society. That means new legal questions every day. That triggers solicitors (lawyers, judges, the legislator) and leads to knew jurisprudence and legislation. However, by definition, laws and jurisprudence lag behind because they are a slow response to the daily developments in society. The law is therefore certainly not an exact science and gives very few guarantees. That is why we cannot give 100% guarantee in any proceedings. Annoying, but good to know. Good, timely legal advice can make the difference either by avoiding proceedings or standing more firmly in proceedings.


The law is our toolbox. We know exactly what is and is not in the box. And we know how to use the tools. In that way, as your company lawyer, we support you in the running of your business and complement you wherever you want. With answers, advice, texts for your emails and contracts. But also as your company lawyer, in case of a dispute or proceedings. We take the burden off your shoulders and handle the case. With the best outcome, which may be a brilliant victory, or a settlement that preserves the relationship with the counterparty.

Your rights are our business

It is important to involve us in good time, which is generally sooner than you think. In the advisory and contract stage we can do the most for you. And the costs are still reasonable. Yet entrepreneurs often only call on us when there’s already unrest and they cannot sort it out themselves. Then it’s too late! The only thing left to do then is litigate. Fine for us, but not always as much fun for you. We prefer to help you avoid litigation. Whether we are acting as your company solicitor or lawyer: your rights are our business!

Your rights are our drive

Our goal is to always deliver added value for you. We want you to benefit from our legal expertise. In the hopes that you call or mail us immediately in case of a legal issue. Because you know it is wise and in your best interests. Because you have had positive experiences with us. This is how we can contribute to your success. Our aim is for you to get and keep your legal affairs in order. That you have your rights under control. That is our drive!

Who are we?

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