Terms & Rates - price of a lawyer

A: A single, uniform and set rate in 2019 for all clients, all cases and all lawyers
The Steenbergen Advocaten net hourly rate is € 235 per hour. This applies to all our services and activities. No strange surcharges, as many lawyers claim over and above their hourly fee. For example, for urgent cases, or for so-called "office costs”. In our opinion, totally unnecessary. Most cases are urgent and are handled by us as quickly as possible. If necessary, outside office hours. Why would we claim a surcharge for that? And the costs are our risk; after all, that is our business model. Why would we charge you separately for our office costs on top of our hourly rate?

Hourly rate 2019
P.W.M. Steenbergen LL.M. € 235,-
J.S.K. Joustra LL.M. € 235,-

B: A reasonable rate that covers costs

Under the rules of the Dutch Bar Association, we are obliged to charge for our services at a reasonable hourly rate that covers costs. Tampering with rates is not permitted because that creates unfair competition and is ultimately detrimental to the quality.

C: No office expenses; VAT

Our hourly rate is our hourly rate, no added extras for you, so like we said, no surcharges. Because it is a net rate, we must charge the VAT surcharge of 21%.

D: Special rates

We may apply a special rate in the cases handled by Steenbergen Incasso and Steenbergen Mediation Support. These are listed on the relevant websites.
We may come to other agreements about rates in specific cases or for certain services, for example, a fixed or success-dependent rate, possibly in combination .

F: Terms and conditions

  • our rates are independent of the expenses in a case
  • the expenses are always borne by clients
  • for example: court fees, bailiffs, other business service providers, couriers, translators, land register, Chamber of Commerce, registered mail, parking, travel and catering costs

F: Terms and conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services. Additional financial terms are listed there.

Important documents

General terms and conditions
Our general terms and conditions apply to all our work.

Who are we?

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