Corporate Social Responsibility

Our office is anchored in the Dune and Bulb region and we have strong ties with this region. We are keen supporters of the cultural and social initiatives, organizations, museums and the (sports) associations in the region. We believe it is very important that these organizations (continue to) exist and have a future perspective. We believe it is important that the talent in the region can develop and that the heritage of the Dune and Bulb region is preserved. That is why we are happy to contribute to these organizations. We do this in two ways.

Preferred Legal Supplier

We are happy to provide organizations with free legal assistance. That is our core business, after all. Civil society organizations and associations usually work with volunteers and rarely have the necessary legal knowledge, while they often need legal support. Furthermore, legal advice is expensive and these organizations usually have insufficient budget to pay for it. In recent years we have assisted many of the organizations below with legal advice, with contracts, statutes and regulations, with dispute resolution and proceedings and with the collection of contributions. We do this in consultation with the boards either behind the scenes or up front, in other words, seen or unseen.

Financial Supplier

We are happy to support various organizations with a financial contribution (one-off or structural), sponsorship and/or membership of their business clubs or business association. In some cases we also act as a board member of an organization.
We are proud to be able to support the following organizations, We are always open to new partnerships, in whatever shape or form.


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