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Keywords are warehousing, transhipment, distribution, packaging and handling, forwarding, road, air, sea or train transport, air-conditioned or otherwise, package services, rental of containers, means of transport, machines and cranes, recycling, waste processing, passenger transport, importers and dealers, trade associations, damage recovery, lease, rental and sale, parts purchase, fleet management.

Not long ago, industry was the poor child of the Dutch economy. This has changed with the success of Dutch high-tech companies and the revaluation of the traditional manufacturing industry. Industry is a diverse part of the Dutch economy, from high-tech to commodity. In innovative and more dynamic markets, companies face different issues, for example if they want to collaborate with other (Dutch) companies.

Sometimes with modest but mostly with broad interests in the Netherlands and Europe, and also globally. Transport is a sector in which it almost always goes well. But if things go wrong, you are dependent and vulnerable. Your company will suffer immediate damage if your transport - for whatever reason - comes to a standstill. Then you need an expert, someone who can look after your interests to be compensated.

We advise on all forms of transport: road, inland shipping, sea, air, rail and combined transport. Our transport and logistics lawyers also focus on related topics such as forwarding, custody, storage and transshipment, commercial purchase and documentary credits. They act for all parties in the logistics chain.

Our lawyers are competent in conducting proceedings in international disputes. They regularly act in arbitration proceedings. They have an extensive network of foreign lawyers with whom they work closely.

We can help you with matters related to

  • national and international transport
  • branch and customs terms and conditions
  • transport law
  • insurance law
  • litigation and arbitration
  • damage and liability
  • personal injury
  • collection, seizure and execution
  • contracts and general terms and conditions
  • property and lien, retention of title
  • labour law and tenancy law
  • purchases and sales
  • ground work
  • government and permits
  • financing, banks and insurances
  • customs seizure and legal measures
  • anti-piracy (import of infringing matters)
  • import and export, international trade
  • legal persons, collaborations
  • family businesses and company acquisition
  • product liability
  • production, construction and permits

Peter W.M. Steenbergen LL.M.


Peter has years of experience in the agricultural sector, both in disputes and with advice.

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