We are a member of the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA). NOvA has established rules, with which all lawyers (firms) in the Netherlands must comply. Naturally, we stick to those rules. And we wholeheartedly support these rules, which are a quality standard for our profession and, through disciplinary law, ensure a natural selection into suitable and unsuitable lawyers (firms).

We go even further than the NOvA regulations. We have drawn up our own office manual, which includes all internal and external procedures relevant to us. This is not just about legal proceedings, but about the methods in our firm, which we have standardized and automated as much as possible. For example, quality assurance, deadline monitoring, dossier management, confidentiality, signalling incoming messages, dealing with clients, legal quality in cases, preventing errors.

In this way we offer our clients every possible guarantee of high and consistent quality services.

The following elements of our service are important for you:

  • A written agreement with our firm, recorded in an order confirmation
  • General terms and conditions as part of the agreement with our firm
  • An overview of rates as part of the agreement with our firm
  • Alternative agreements are recorded in the order confirmation
  • Additional agreements are confirmed in writing (by email) and occasionally included in an additional order confirmation
  • All agreements are confirmed back and forth by signing the order confirmation or by e-mail confirmation
  • Strict confidentiality and confidentiality with regard to your data and your case
  • Reliable, you can hold us to our agreements
  • The facts understood by us or the facts known to us are stated in the order confirmation
  • The legal qualification of your case, as we see it, and our approach, is stated in the order confirmation
  • Clear agreements on costs, both in paying cases and in collection, mediation and subsidized cases
  • We are bound by your instructions on the one hand and by the professional rules for the legal profession on the other
  • Prior consultation with you and your approval regarding our actions, dealings, correspondence and (procedural) documents in your cases (insofar as there is time and opportunity for this and only if it concerns content, propositions and positions, legal reasoning)
  • Prior permission from you with regard to external costs (insofar as this does not follow from your assignment or involves limited and/or logical costs)
  • We are insured for professional claims up to the standard amount of € 500,000 per claim and up to € 1,000,000 per year
  • Over and above these amounts, we exclude our liability in accordance with NOvA guidelines
  • We send you an informative letter about the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act
  • We ask you for a copy of your passport and a Chamber of Commerce extract of your company
  • We use a complaints procedure that has been drawn up in accordance with the standards of the NOvA. At your request, we will send you this complaints procedure in PDF format.

In the partnership between you and us, some rules apply to you:

  • You inform us fully and as objectively as possible of all facts, circumstances, events, documents and persons and companies involved in a case, even if you do think it is unimportant or unfavourable or if you would rather keep it secret
  • You keep us strictly informed of any developments in your case
  • You always and immediately provide us with a copy of relevant (new) documents and correspondence
  • You immediately inform us if you have any questions, additions or objections to our order confirmation or other correspondence or (procedural) documents
  • You provide all documents and information requested by us as soon as possible and you review our concepts as soon as possible
  • You ensure all communication in a case goes through us, certainly with the counterparty but also with other parties involved, and you refrain from conducting your own communication and negotiation with the counterparty
  • You refrain from commenting on the case to third parties and refer them to us
  • You stick to the agreements with us, including the payment terms

Important download:

Steenbergen Advocaten B.V. includes Steenbergen Incasso, Steenbergen HRM Support and Steenbergen Mediation Support. Steenbergen Advocaten is a partnership. It provides its services to clients on the basis of a commission agreement, including its General Terms and Conditions.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services.

Additional financial terms are listed there.

You can download them as pdf file here.

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