Complaints procedure

We attach great importance to a good relationship with our clients, to providing high-quality services and to meeting our agreements. We therefore do our utmost to prevent misunderstandings, mistakes and errors. But they cannot be ruled out 100%. The law simply isn’t an exact science and to err is human. That is why our services to clients are the effort we put in and not the specific outcome. In other words, we strive to achieve a certain result, but we cannot guarantee that result.

If you are (have been) one of our clients and you have questions or are dissatisfied with our services, we would like to hear from you. We would like to answer your questions and/or erase your dissatisfaction. In addition, we would like to learn from your opinion, so that we can structurally improve our services. That is only possible if you take the time to share your opinion with us. We thank you for your opinion.

If we cannot resolve your dissatisfaction, you are of course free to submit a formal complaint. This 2016 Complaints Procedure applies.

We promise to take every complaint seriously. In addition, we aim to handle every complaint immediately and, in consultation with you, to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Submitting a complaint 
We would ask you to first submit questions or complaints informally to the lawyer involved in our firm or to Peter W.M. Steenbergen LLM. Every lawyer in our firm will make every effort to find a solution together with you. This may be done in writing (also by e-mail) and/or in one or more meetings. That solution is recorded in writing, signed by you and us for approval and will of course be met.

If the aforementioned informal consultation should unexpectedly not lead to a solution, we would advise you to record your complaint in a formal letter or e-mail and send it to us. You may address your letter or e-mail to Steenbergen Advocaten, Loosterweg 4b, 2215 TL Voorhout or to

Om de klacht meteen in behandeling te kunnen nemen, vragen wij u om de volgende informatie in uw brief of mailbericht te vermelden:

  • your name and address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • name and number of the dossier at Steenbergen Advocaten
  • the lawyer or lawyers concerned
  • clear description of the complaint
  • date of your letter or e-mail message
  • a copy of all relevant documents that can clarify your complaint

Confirmation of receipt
We will send you a written confirmation of receipt immediately after receiving your complaint. This includes the necessary information on the course the complaints procedure will take.

Handling the complaint

  • We appoint a mediator within the firm
  • the mediator will inform the lawyer or lawyers concerned of the complaint and give him/her/them the opportunity to respond to the complaint in writing within a short but reasonable period of time
  • the mediator will inform you about this response
  • the mediator may ask you for additional information at any stage of the handling of your complaint
  • the mediator can ask you at any stage of the handling of your complaint to explain it orally in a meeting at the firm or elsewhere
  • the mediator may invite you to meet with the lawyer or lawyers involved, in which the complaint and the response will be discussed and a solution can be sought
  • the mediator is responsible for a speedy and correct handling of the complaint.

Response to the complaint 
You will then receive a substantive response to the complaint and a proposal for a solution as soon as possible. In the unlikely event of a delay, you will be informed of the reasons. We will make every effort to handle your complaint to your satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied with the handling of a complaint or the proposed solution and if there are no possibilities for further consultation, you may consider submitting your complaint to the Supervisory Board, District of The Hague. This is done via the Dean (chairman), Office of the Order, PO Box 84093, 2508 AB THE HAGUE, telephone number 070-4166122.

You also always have the option to take it to the civil court.

More information
If you need more information, feel free to contact our office manager Mrs. Esther Hoogeveen ( or tel. 0252-225253).


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