You are an entrepreneur or involved in a company or organization. You are already a client with us or are considering becoming a client. Your company keeps you busy and you have questions or have run into problems. You are looking for answers and solutions. Then you need our expert assistance. Whether it's about plans, questions or problems. We help you well and fast and are happy to do so.

What can you expect?
We offer excellent legal assistance, 25 years of legal expertise as a lawyer, corporate solicitor and entrepreneur. We have comprehensive knowledge and mastery of our profession. Our legal support is pragmatic and we stick to the essentials, in both simple and complicated cases. We are practical and make clear choices in our advice so we can be of real help. You know where you stand with us. We act quickly and thoroughly; we are easily reached and will call you back. Your opinion, your wishes, your instructions and your budget are important to us. You are our focus.


The sooner the better
Legal problems do not just fall from the sky. Like a car or a machine, your legal business operations also need maintenance. Every problem has its origins in certain facts and circumstances. And they are in your hands. But your speciality is being an entrepreneur, so you cannot always oversee the legal consequences. Our speciality is the law, so we do. We can then have a positive influence on the facts and circumstances. Sharing our thoughts with you, making adjustments, improving texts, recording agreements, all help you prevent legal problems. With the added advantage that our assistance and the costs remain limited. Every Euro in good legal advice saves around 100 Euro in litigation costs..


Your business – our business
We appreciate your calling on us. We are interested in you and your company. Who are you, what do you do and why do you do it? Who are the people, suppliers and buyers, regionally, nationally or internationally that you deal with? How is your company organized and what contracts are there? In short, what is going on in your company and your sector? We want to learn from you, after all, you are a specialist in your sector. We also hope you can learn from us. We want to be the legal specialist in your sector. We aim to develop a close and pleasant partnership with you. Because you are important to us.


You need a lawyer (attorney) in the Netherlands

  • You have a disagreement that may become a legal dispute with a company in the Netherlands
  • You have been summoned to court in the Netherlands or there is a threat of legal proceedings under Dutch law
  • Your Dutch contracting party has not met its agreements or has failed to pay your invoices
  • A third party from Holland misuses your products or violates your rights
  • You want to hire or fire employees
  • You intend to buy, sell, build or rent property
  • You have problems with a bank, insurer or government body
  • You have suffered or are at risk of suffering damages
  • You need a contract, general terms and conditions or guidance during negotiations
  • You want to protect your invention, variety, brand, company name, logo, product, book or artwork
  • You need advice, a second opinion, a brief brainstorming session or to organize your company’s legal matters


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