Food & Pharmacy

Our specialization in this sector has emerged as a logical extension of our specialization in the sector Floriculture and Agriculture in the Netherlands. Through relationships in seed breeding and in vegetable cultivation, as well as through agricultural relationships (fresh products), we have become involved with Dutch producers of food, food and additives (additives), meat and meat products, wholesalers and retail chains.

We specialize in the legal protection of companies and their breeding / propagation material using intellectual property rights, in particular trademark law and plant breeder's rights.

At the same time, we have seen for decades that there is a growing influence of scientific and technical processes on the traditional breeding and cultivation of seeds and crops. Think of biotechnology, gene technology or tissue culture.

As a result, there is an increasing international appeal for patent law to protect natural products. In America, for example, it is increasingly common for large companies to obtain patent protection (plant patent) on a refined crop instead of a plant breeder's right (plant patent) because of the technical elements in their 'invention'.

As a result of these developments and based on our knowledge of patent law, we have also come into contact with relations from the pharmaceutical sector in recent years.

Our relations

Our relations are large and medium-sized companies, mostly from the Netherlands and a small part from abroad.

Our relationships in this sector are developers and producers of food, additives, pharmaceuticals, medicines and drugstore items, as well as wholesalers, end-sellers and users of food and food, such as restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

How can we help you?

All possible advice, related to your company in this sector and to corporate law in the broadest sense. We answer your questions, but we are also happy to look further at your organization. How do you stand, what are you good at and what could be better.

We are happy to help you organize your contract portfolio and your general terms and conditions, organize your financial position, in particular debtor management and the collection need and organize your workforce, including personnel files, company regulations and the organization chart of your company.

Drawing up all possible contracts (from small agreements, which you can confirm in an email drawn up by us, to extensive contracts, with which you can prevent a lot of business woes) and general terms and conditions.

Solving all possible disputes, by means of negotiation if possible, but also by means of legal proceedings if necessary. We have a very high success rate when it comes to litigation. And with us, your interest is always at the top, no matter how large or wealthy the counterparty is.

Registering trademark and plant breeders' rights, other intellectual property rights, fighting infringement of your intellectual property rights and your company rights and property, fighting illegal cultivation.

Seizure of illegal cultivation, on nurseries, on bank accounts, under the auction, on aircraft with illegal import at Schiphol, hiring cultivation experts and DNA research and all necessary legal measures.

Collection of royalties and your other business invoices.

Advice on your company, business succession, growth, company formation, shrinkage, liquidation, bankruptcy prevention, etc.

Employment law advice, such as regarding the dismissal of employees, building a healthy workforce and good personnel files, drawing up company and personnel regulations.

We can help you with matters related to

  • national and international transport
  • branch and customs terms and conditions
  • transport law
  • insurance law
  • litigation and arbitration
  • damage and liability
  • personal injury
  • collection, seizure and execution
  • contracts and general terms and conditions
  • property and lien, retention of title
  • labour law and tenancy law
  • purchases and sales
  • ground work
  • government and permits
  • financing, banks and insurances
  • customs seizure and legal measures
  • anti-piracy (import of infringing matters)
  • import and export, international trade
  • legal persons, collaborations
  • family businesses and company acquisition
  • product liability
  • production, construction and permits

Peter W.M. Steenbergen LL.M.


Peter has years of experience in the agricultural sector, both in disputes and with advice.

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